What CTI Connectors are?

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is helping businesses from many years to handle customer inquiries on computer screens. We have seen people having voice conversation through mobile phones. But here we are going to talk about when some talks through a phone set and other answers through a computer. Like seriously…. Ohh yes!!! This is all happening through Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). CTI provides a computer-based interaction channel with a customer to handle inquiries efficiently. On the other side, organizations are pretty much familiar with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to manage their potential customer’s data.

CTI Integration with CRM is a technique to connect your (voice) call center environment with CRM solution. It helps organizations to effectively interact with customers by reducing important resources like agent call handle time, call hold time and eventually resolution time. There are two types of CTI connectors famous in the market.

  • CTI Screen Pop-up
  • CTI Embedded Connector

CTI Screen Pop-up

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) screen pop-up is relatively the quickest way to get the integration done with any Customer Relationship Management software. In CTI Screen Pop-up connector captures caller information from an incoming call. Based on the captured information, CTI Screen Pop-up pulls the customer information from CRM or initiate an HTTP request to show it in another browser tab. This integration helps call center agents to see caller profile information (name, address, list of availed services ) along with any other useful information on an existing or a new browser tab. So, what really happens is; CTI Screen Pop-up Connector captures caller data, prepare and initiate an HTTP request to open customer profile within the same browser or in a new browser tab.

CTI Embedded Connector

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Embedded Connector is an advance CTI integration technique where CTI environment talks to CRM application while staying in its paradigm. In this integration call lands inside CRM software instead of a CTI client (desktop/ web). Usually, agents logged on an agent desktop or web screen for answering the call along and on CRM web or desktop screen for taking actions against the inquiry. Through embedded CTI integration, the agent does not need to log on CTI client application. Simply both the customer information and voice call controls (Answer, Hold, Transfer, Conference, and End) displays inside the CRM window. Through this, the call center agent will not need to log on different software. He will have a single screen to answer the call and to take actions on CRM software.

Unifiedexpert has developed both CTI Screen Pop-up and CTI Embedded Connectors for almost all famous CRM solutions. For more details please visit our product page or write us at info@unifiedexpert.com. We are very friendly. We will love responding you with an answer.


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