What IVR applications are and how these work?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. It is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through VoiceDTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) and ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition). Nowadays, IVR applications are more than just to provide simple static announcements to callers. IVRs are responsive and intelligent enough to understand who is calling and sometimes even know why is calling? Of course, the why part this is just a well-calculated guess.

We often heard about VXML while reading about IVR Applications. Both topics have a strong binding with each other.VoiceXML is a standard for IVR application development. People who work on VoiceXML also familiar with CCXML, so you have to understand both terminologies before getting started with IVR/ VXML development. VoiceXML known as VXML is a Digital Document Standard for specifying interactive media and voice dialogues between human and computers.

How do IVR Applications work?

Technically, VXML applications are developed and deployed in a manner analogous to how web applications work. Let us revise web-based applications life-cycle. This will help us to understand VXML application request cycle and you will be able to understand how VXML request is getting processed. Let us take an example, when we type a web address e.g. www.unifiedexpert.com in a browser, it goes to a server and server responds with some reply. In web applications, the reply comes in the form of images and text. This is the reason we get fancy stuff while hitting a web URL.

Similar is the case with VXML applications. Voice Gateway (which acts same as a voice browser) receives the caller request, it sends it to some web server (Tomcat, IIS, or WebLogic) where VXML applications usually been hosted. The server responds with response (in the type of VXML document) and voice gateway (more specifically the voice browser) plays that to the customer. If we see modern IVR Architecture Blog Diagram, this is how it looks;

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