Cisco Finesse Gadgets

Gadgets are webparts which runs on the top of Cisco Finesse. Cisco Finesse is a web based platform where agent handles the inbound and outbound calls. Cisco officially released Finesse with version 9.x of UCCX, PCCE and UCCE. So, the solution is available to all Cisco contact centers using Cisco Finesse including Cisco Unified Contact Center Express v10+ and Enterprise (UCCE) v9+ (including Packaged UCCE). Finesse Gadgets can be used to provide quick navigation and real time information to agents while attending on the call. If you have 9.x or any later version of Cisco call center, you can have as many a gadgets you want.  

Unifiedexpert has developed a large range of web gadgets and helped many customers to reduce the cost and time of their agents while handling customer interactions.Gadgets could have any business logic which helps agents to effectively interact with the customer.

Here are some gadgets which we have in our development archive. You can request a demo to see any of these in action.

Customer Profile Gadget

This gadget interacts with almost all world-famous Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) solutions. It has a capability to communicate with CRM solution through any SOAP/ REST or any other interface. This functionality makes it more flexible to interact with other Business Support System (BSS) applications. It can not only pull the information from CRM but also can lock customer interactions back in CRM.

Call History Gadget

It is important to know if the caller has interacted us before. What was the reason of his last interactions and what was the solution provided by our last agent. It not just helps the agent to forecast the caller reason to interact but also facilitate him to share the status of his last inquiries.

Call Wrap-up Gadget

It is important to provide the call dispositions or wrap-up codes against each inbound and outbound calls. Unifiedexpert Call Wrap-up Gadget allows agents to search, select and submit multiple wrap-up codes. Call center supervisors can define categories through an admin panel and then can can define unlimited wrap-up codes. These wrap-up codes starts being displayed in front of agent along with call skill group/ call-type. This gadget is not depended on Cisco Finesse Wrap-up module, which means agent can look for any predefined codes anytime during the call.

Wallboard and Reports Gadget

This gadget is mainly designed for floor supervisors to see real time stats. These stats can be agent states, current call volume, and forecasting for next few hours. Through this agent will be able to see current SLAs and can take the necessary actions to avoid from long call queues. This gadget is also capable to generate alerts in case of any expiry of critical SLA.

We have help many customers solving their problems using our per-developed gadgets. Don’t worry if you did not see the solution of your problem. We are very friendly, write us your business case, we will come up with a solution.