Unified Expert has expertise in design, development and maintain IVR applications for customers in telecom, banks, e-Commerce & transport industories. Our expertise includes an enterprise level design and development of Cisco, Avaya and Open Source IVR applications. We also help companies having back-office integrations with different BSS (Business Support Systems) like UCIP AIR, Siebel CRM, TABS, MS CRM, Sugarcrm, Entrust, Flexcube and TemenosT24.

IVRs plays an important role in today’s competitive contact centers environment, it helps contact centers to serve large number of customers without the need of involving agents which helps contact centers to maintain SLA and save cost per seat per agent.

There are different modes in which an IVR applications can be designed and used to facilitate customer interactions. If we classify IVR applications, there are three kind of IVR applications.

  1. Static IVR
  2. Dynamic and predictive IVR
  3. Intelligent IVR

In Static IVR, multiple announcements along with menu options can be offered to callers. Static IVRs are helpful where you want your customers to listen announcements, promotions or business critical outages. These can be setup in less time.

Dynamic IVRs are applications where customer can listen prefered offers and opt for customized services. Here customers can opt for any service through system level integrations. Dynamic IVR flows could be designed intelligently to reduce agent based calls and help customers to resolve issue over the call.

The modern IVR applications are designed to be interactive, intelligent and more human friendly. Text to Speech (TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) makes it more user friendly and responsive.

We understand customer collaboration is critical differentiator for any business in today’s competitive market. Our consultants spend considerable time with customers to understand the business cycle before implementing IVR logic. Our aim is to help your idea converting into reality. We are very friendly, feel free to write if you have any inquiry.