Salesforce CRM Connector

UnifiedExpert Salesforce CRM Connector is an integration between Contact Center environment and Salesforce CRM. It acts like a bridge between Contact Center platform and Salesforce CRM. UnifiedExpert offers both Screenpop or Embedded connectors for SAP CRM. The availability of the features depends on Contact Center and CRM solution version.

By the implementation of UnifiedExpert CRM Connector, agents will no longer need to control multiple screen to handle customer’s inquiry. Placing interaction control inside of Salesforce where client data resides gives agents a 360° view of the customer. This integration streamlines contact handling, provides quick access to agent tools, and means that agents will not have to tab back and forth between applications when searching for information.

Key Features

Integrated Solution carries well tested history of successful deployments which reduced implementation cost.

Flexible UI Control to have required call controls on CRM screen. UnifiedExpert CRM Connector comes with almost all call controls to leverage contact center agents to handle customer inquiries efficiently.

Call Data Feature provides metadata of the call to help agent see caller number, call type and complete IVR trail. We are very friendly. Try getting a quote today, explain your requirements and let our expert to contact you with a solution.